Monday, September 3, 2012

Basic facts that I didn't know...

Did you guys know all these little things... cause I didn't.  I wish someone had told me.  I mean honestly, I know that this stuff comes naturally to some people but I need to be shown these type of things or told.  Okay so I'm in the process of making a huge lists of tips for myself regarding clothing and accessories.  Here's the first few things I learned today..

1.  If a skirt is business skirt heels should be worn. (I know this seems like common sense, but as my boyfriend likes to point out, I wouldn't last a day on the streets... I lack both street smarts and common sense, so again people need to spell things out... oh well.)


2. If the top is solid funky color keep the bracelet simple and go for a interesting necklace. ( This seems so backwards to me... did I get this wrong?)

3. The easiest outfit  ever, is a collared shirt with a pencil skirt.

4. Sandals should match the shirt (well for all ya'll who have a fashion sense this doesn't apply, but if you're like me, stay safe and match the shoes to the top.)  

5. If the dress is flowy and soft -  make it heavier with boots for a fall look and add a structured jacket.

6. Flow-y dress? Add a straw fedora to make it chic. 

7.  Grandma dress? Add some super funky heels and go for a 50s look with the accessories 

8. Mustard top, gray skirt, red shoes (maybe??)

9. Lacy (or soft)tops go well with plaid or tweed pants...

10. Navy - Fuchsia, mustard, ruby and aqua are all good color combinations oh and of course cream, gray, silver and gold.

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