Monday, December 31, 2012

End of the Year

Well the last few weeks have been hectic.  Our puppy (she's an 11 year old pitbull) got very sick and right before Christmas we found out she has a mast cell tumor.  Needless to say we were in tears for many days... BUT, as of today the tumor has shrunk, the bleeding has stopped and she is feeling much better.  I joined an amazing community called Tripawds it's an online area where people with similar stories have come together to give support, advice and love. I really don't think my family could have made it through Christmas without all the wonderful people on Tripawds! 

If you want to follow my puppy's treatment please visit Suki's Story

Folks, if you ever have health problems with your pet please check out this website, they give you so much information and the best part is that people have gone through what you have and they can help you through it.  Alright, speaking of puppies, I need to take both of mine for a walk plus given them their meds.  Here's hoping to a great new year with tons of laughter, love and health for humans and puppies alike.  

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Holiday Nails - Candy Canes

Yay! First set of holiday nails... I should have at least four sets to post this month each holiday themed.   Nothing as fancy as other blogs but they still make me smile.