Thursday, January 10, 2013

New Years Resolutions

So far I only have two...

1. Create an awesome outfit at least once a week from bracelets to shoes. (December 2012)

2.  Make a new dessert at least once a week. (1.10.13)

I'll keep adding as I think of more.  Overall I just want to be less stressed and enjoy the little things more. 

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Pets + Carpet = Mess

I love my two dogs, I really really do.  But, they are messing, stinky, poopy puppies.  With Suki being sick and Nunia also sick at the moment I had throw up, pee, poop and blood all over my carpet.  Yucky!  Suki threw up all over my upstairs two days ago.  Yesterday she had diarrhea all over the stairs and during the biopsy process she bled all over the upstairs, stairs and dining room.  Nunia has a UTI and peed three times on the carpet in the living room.  Long story short... I either have a very disgusting house or a secret weapon. Ladies and gentlemen, I'd like you to meet my personal carpet cleaner. 
The Bissel LittleGreen Proheat Deep Reach. This amazing little machine has cleaned up my carpet so many times that I can't even begin to tell you how much money I saved.  It takes about thirty minutes to properly clean up the spot but if you don't rush the process it cleans up anything... even dried up throw up.  (Yucky I know) Bissell's website (Little Green) has given it four and a half stars, I personally would give it four stars since the process takes about 30-45 minutes but again it works really well.  I bought it from Target for about $90.  This is the second one I've bought.  The only down side is that these guys don't last more than 2 years but for the price and for what they've done for my home they make sense to buy every two years.  Absolutely worth every penny.   

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Brown Palace - Tea Time

Just a few little pictures from Tea at the Brown Palace. 
The entry way into the hotel.
The Christmas Tree in the main lobby.
The Chandelier (This picture does not do it justice)

The Tea, Champagne & Crumpets

A few fun facts about the Brown Palace taken from their website. If you aren't from Colorado I highly suggest staying or touring the Brown Palace ( It's one of the most interesting places in Denver with some of the most important history as well.

On Aug. 12, 1892 - 120 years ago - The Brown Palace Hotel opened its doors in the heart of downtown Denver. The hotel has remained open and welcomed guests every minute of every day since opening.

Every U.S. president has visited The Brown Palace since Teddy Roosevelt (1905), with the exception of Calvin Coolidge.

The Brown Palace contains 12,400 surface feet of onyx, a semiprecious variety of quartz, which was the most ever used in a single building at the time the hotel was constructed.

The hotel's original artesian well is located 720 feet deep beneath the Ship Tavern floor and still provides water to every faucet in the hotel.

Four of the hotel's suites are named for famous guests: The Beatles Suite, Eisenhower Suite, Reagan Suite, and Teddy Roosevelt Suite.

Before the Beatles' visit in 1964, the hotel saw a great surge in applications for housekeeping by young girls. After the Beatles' stay, monetary offers were made for the dishes from which they ate and the sheets on which they slept.

In 1937, the hotel opened the Skyline Apartments which housed permanent residents in suites with kitchenettes on the top two floors of the hotel. The last of these residents moved out in the mid-1980s.

The Brown Palace Club, located on the second floor, served as campaign headquarters for Dwight D. Eisenhower prior to his election as president.

Two of the cast iron grillwork panels on the railing surrounding the hotel's eight-story atrium are upside down.

Soldiers of the 10th Mountain Division tried rappelling from the roof during a visit to the hotel during World War II.

Except for crackers and sandwich bread, the hotel prepares all of its own baked goods in a unique, carousel oven - catalogued at more than 65 years old. The oven is one of only three in the world known to be in existence and is still used every day.

President Eisenhower hit a wayward golf ball while practicing in the room and made a dent in the fireplace mantel in the Eisenhower Suite. It remains today in a shadowbox as a souvenir.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Strapless - Backless

I love love LOVE backless dresses and shirts.  I just recently bought this little number from Express for my firm dinner party. 

 Long story short, I couldn't wear a normal bra and I wasn't about to let the ladies hang free. (He he he).  So I stumbled upon this little gem at Target.  

Basically it has sticky sides that peel of and attach to your ribs.

The support is decent, better than the jelly bra thing that attaches right to your tatas.  (P.S. that jelly mold hurts when you pull it off, been there... done that)

This bra doesn't hurt when the sides peel off.  It doesn't fall off.  The first time I wore it for about four hours the second time I wore it for over six hours and I was constantly picking up my three year old niece. The stickiness did not change from the first time on to the second time on.  Which, quite honestly, I was surprised.  Overall I highly recommend this backless strapless bra. It costs about $20 at Target and I for one am VERY pleased with this product!  (Only drawback, I can't find it in black at Target and I sorta want to have two of them...) 

Monday, December 31, 2012

End of the Year

Well the last few weeks have been hectic.  Our puppy (she's an 11 year old pitbull) got very sick and right before Christmas we found out she has a mast cell tumor.  Needless to say we were in tears for many days... BUT, as of today the tumor has shrunk, the bleeding has stopped and she is feeling much better.  I joined an amazing community called Tripawds it's an online area where people with similar stories have come together to give support, advice and love. I really don't think my family could have made it through Christmas without all the wonderful people on Tripawds! 

If you want to follow my puppy's treatment please visit Suki's Story

Folks, if you ever have health problems with your pet please check out this website, they give you so much information and the best part is that people have gone through what you have and they can help you through it.  Alright, speaking of puppies, I need to take both of mine for a walk plus given them their meds.  Here's hoping to a great new year with tons of laughter, love and health for humans and puppies alike.  

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Holiday Nails - Candy Canes

Yay! First set of holiday nails... I should have at least four sets to post this month each holiday themed.   Nothing as fancy as other blogs but they still make me smile.