Monday, April 23, 2012

Shhhh... I have a secret to share.

Argan Oil
Ladies, I can't begin to the tell you the amazing benefits of Argan Oil.  I have awful hair, a greasy mess on top and dry, cracked and split ends on the bottom.  I first read about Argna Oil on Celina in Monaco (an amazing girl with the best posts about all things beauty and fashion).  I was a little skeptical about her post but then my friend brought it up as well when we were preparing for Vegas with a little shopping.  Oh my goodness, I bought two super cute dresses at Arden B for 2 for $25.  Eeeekkk it was a super steal!!  Anyways, back to the Argan Oil.  I've been using One n Only Argan Oil, less than $20 at Sally's. My hair has never been softer, shiner and cleaner.  I can finally wash my hair nightly without worrying that I'm drying it out.  It also smells great.  Not to strong but has a slight scent that is quite pleasant.  Honestly, please please try this stuff, a dime size amount does absolute wonders!!  

Monday, April 16, 2012

Killer Cardio and only 15 Mins.

So... I'm going to Vegas in 2 weeks (YIPEE!!!)  The bad news, I need to lose an inch or two.  I have a gym membership and do cardio for 30 minutes at lunch but I felt I needed an extra oomph!  So, I have Xfinity which offers a lot of different types of work-outs.  I choose the Killer Cardio work out by Cathy Syphers which I gotta tell ya kicks your ass!! Holy crap did this thing really work out my entire body.  Maybe not my arms to much but its great for cardio, legs and abs. She starts you off with a light warm up then squats, then jumping squats (those hurt!)  then jumping side lunges, then these swinging criss-cross lunges, then pulsing thingys, then jumping jacks followed by burpees, then push-ups followed by bicycles and to finish off abs.  Folks, I got to tell you this work out is truly killer.  I was sweating like crazy.  I figure if I do this 15 minutes twice a day I'll be ready for Vegas. 

Cathy Syphers

If you have Xfinity and want to try this workout go to... ONDEMAND - Sports & Fitness - Fitness Workouts - Total Body (Scroll to the next page) - Killer Cardio (Scroll to the third page.)  I got to tell you, I highly recommend this workout.  I'll check back in to update whether or not it burned the fat off within two weeks.  

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Nails on the cheap!

So, I am always seeing post about awesome manicures and most of the time the nail polish is either OPI or China Glaze. Which don't get me wrong their brands are awesome but at $8-$10 a bottle the costs add up pretty quickly.  If your looking for a cheaper brand with pretty awesome colors try out "Sinful Colors" ($2 at Walgreens)  I love them!  

Used alone they don't last for more than a day or two, but when your pair it with Sally Hansen Insta-Dri my manicure lasts all week (through typing, laundry and cleaning).  I love Sally Hansen Insta-Dri, not only does it dry your nails in about 2 minutes the top coat last through anything!  I use nail colors like Wet n' Wild ($1 at Walgreens) and then Sally Hansen Insta-Dri and I have an amazing manicure for at least a week.  

So, for a cute manicure for half the price, try out any brand (the cheaper the better) and top it off with Sally Hansen Insta-Dri for an easy, lazy approved manicure. 

*** Tip:  To check if your nails are dry touch two nails together, if they stick even a little bit, let them rest a bit longer (I learned this while stumbling one day and I wish I remembered the girl's name so I could give her all the praise and glory, but alas, I can't remember.) ***

Friday, April 6, 2012

The Oh So Easy Sock Bun (Umm, not so easy...)

First off, I've seen multiple posts all over the internet about how easy this bun is and then how nice the curls are the next day... I must be doing something wrong.  
Here's the basic idea.
  1. Take a sock (I've learned through trial and error that the thinner the sock the easier)
  2. Cut the toe section off
  3. Roll the sock into a doughnut
  4. Put your hair in a super high ponytail (Pebbles status from the Flintstones)
  5. The roll you hair onto the sock and *presto* you have a bun.
Okay, step five is what's messing me up.  The hair rolling not so easy, especially if you have any layers in your hair.  So, I'll post pictures in the morning but does anyone else have this problem?

About Me! Yay!

Hi World,

To introduce myself first.  Hi!  I'm lazy.  I wish there was an easy way to do everything.  Especially when it comes to hair, make-up and cleaning.  OHHHH how I hate to clean.  But, I have to clean, I have to work and once in a while I gotta put on that make-up.  Basically, I've learned the easiest, quickest and best ways to do necessary tasks.  I'm constantly learning better ways to do things, so, I will gladly accept and encourage advice from anyone who is willing to give it.  

A little more about me, I'm 25, living with my boyfriend of 8 or 9 years... I keep mixing up the dates, we've been together too long. :-) I have no children but I have a wonderful doggie who loves to mess up my house any chance she gets.  I can't stand to clean, I hate it!  But, here's the kicker, I like to have a clean and organized house.  A contradiction that I can't seem to take one side or the other.  Another contradiction, I love to look good, but I'm to lazy to figure out the correct outfits and the right hair and make-up.  So what ends up happening is... I have tons of clothes and no idea how to wear them and half the time I look quite nice and the other half the time I look like a slob.  

I have two sisters and a wonderful mom.  My dad and mom divorced when I was a pre-teen so my mother raised three very energetic girls that fought tooth and nail over clothes, make-up and space.  Now, I get along pretty decently with everyone, and truth be told, if they find out I'm writing a blog they will laugh their heads off. So, let's hope they don't start reading this and to the rest of the world I hope you find at least of few of these ideas helpful or interesting.  

So here's what I'm thinking of doing, I'll stumble and browse, I'll experiment and try, I'll explore and discover different ideas, posts and products from the vast lands of the internet and then post to let everyone know whether the ideas are truly easy and lazy girl approved or if they are too difficult to manage in a timely fashion. 

Ohhh, P.S. I'm an awful speller and Ms. Grammar and I have never gotten along so feel free to correct mistakes, that way I can better my writing skills.  :-)