Monday, April 23, 2012

Shhhh... I have a secret to share.

Argan Oil
Ladies, I can't begin to the tell you the amazing benefits of Argan Oil.  I have awful hair, a greasy mess on top and dry, cracked and split ends on the bottom.  I first read about Argna Oil on Celina in Monaco (an amazing girl with the best posts about all things beauty and fashion).  I was a little skeptical about her post but then my friend brought it up as well when we were preparing for Vegas with a little shopping.  Oh my goodness, I bought two super cute dresses at Arden B for 2 for $25.  Eeeekkk it was a super steal!!  Anyways, back to the Argan Oil.  I've been using One n Only Argan Oil, less than $20 at Sally's. My hair has never been softer, shiner and cleaner.  I can finally wash my hair nightly without worrying that I'm drying it out.  It also smells great.  Not to strong but has a slight scent that is quite pleasant.  Honestly, please please try this stuff, a dime size amount does absolute wonders!!  

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