Friday, April 6, 2012

About Me! Yay!

Hi World,

To introduce myself first.  Hi!  I'm lazy.  I wish there was an easy way to do everything.  Especially when it comes to hair, make-up and cleaning.  OHHHH how I hate to clean.  But, I have to clean, I have to work and once in a while I gotta put on that make-up.  Basically, I've learned the easiest, quickest and best ways to do necessary tasks.  I'm constantly learning better ways to do things, so, I will gladly accept and encourage advice from anyone who is willing to give it.  

A little more about me, I'm 25, living with my boyfriend of 8 or 9 years... I keep mixing up the dates, we've been together too long. :-) I have no children but I have a wonderful doggie who loves to mess up my house any chance she gets.  I can't stand to clean, I hate it!  But, here's the kicker, I like to have a clean and organized house.  A contradiction that I can't seem to take one side or the other.  Another contradiction, I love to look good, but I'm to lazy to figure out the correct outfits and the right hair and make-up.  So what ends up happening is... I have tons of clothes and no idea how to wear them and half the time I look quite nice and the other half the time I look like a slob.  

I have two sisters and a wonderful mom.  My dad and mom divorced when I was a pre-teen so my mother raised three very energetic girls that fought tooth and nail over clothes, make-up and space.  Now, I get along pretty decently with everyone, and truth be told, if they find out I'm writing a blog they will laugh their heads off. So, let's hope they don't start reading this and to the rest of the world I hope you find at least of few of these ideas helpful or interesting.  

So here's what I'm thinking of doing, I'll stumble and browse, I'll experiment and try, I'll explore and discover different ideas, posts and products from the vast lands of the internet and then post to let everyone know whether the ideas are truly easy and lazy girl approved or if they are too difficult to manage in a timely fashion. 

Ohhh, P.S. I'm an awful speller and Ms. Grammar and I have never gotten along so feel free to correct mistakes, that way I can better my writing skills.  :-)

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