Monday, April 16, 2012

Killer Cardio and only 15 Mins.

So... I'm going to Vegas in 2 weeks (YIPEE!!!)  The bad news, I need to lose an inch or two.  I have a gym membership and do cardio for 30 minutes at lunch but I felt I needed an extra oomph!  So, I have Xfinity which offers a lot of different types of work-outs.  I choose the Killer Cardio work out by Cathy Syphers which I gotta tell ya kicks your ass!! Holy crap did this thing really work out my entire body.  Maybe not my arms to much but its great for cardio, legs and abs. She starts you off with a light warm up then squats, then jumping squats (those hurt!)  then jumping side lunges, then these swinging criss-cross lunges, then pulsing thingys, then jumping jacks followed by burpees, then push-ups followed by bicycles and to finish off abs.  Folks, I got to tell you this work out is truly killer.  I was sweating like crazy.  I figure if I do this 15 minutes twice a day I'll be ready for Vegas. 

Cathy Syphers

If you have Xfinity and want to try this workout go to... ONDEMAND - Sports & Fitness - Fitness Workouts - Total Body (Scroll to the next page) - Killer Cardio (Scroll to the third page.)  I got to tell you, I highly recommend this workout.  I'll check back in to update whether or not it burned the fat off within two weeks.  

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