Sunday, June 3, 2012

Potted Garden

My younger sister and I decided to try our hand at gardening.  Since all I have is a patio, we decided to do a potted garden.  So far, half the plants have died but the other half are going strong.  I may buy a starter tomato plant that is at least 20in already.  But the rest are looking some what decent.  Who knows, this is the first year so we will see how everything turns out.  Does anyone have any suggestions??  

We started our plants as seeds in early March, but most of the plantings started dying after they sprouted.  Then we transplanted them to the big pots and they all died.  So, we bought starters at Nick's Garden planted them and only half survived.  So, we are going to buy a few more plants and see which survive and produce fruits and vegetables.

See below. 


  1. Oh wow, that looks sorta cool. :)

  2. I just attempted this myself..and with strawberries..My mom gave me some miracle grow (its like crack for plants) makes them grow like crazy. You just sprinkle a little on..follow the directions if you put too much it will kill them. Good Luck!


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