Tuesday, September 18, 2012

One Candle Many Seasons

FALL 2012

First fall project, update my many seasons candle.

So, two years ago I bought this candle, I think at Walmart for at most $5.00. This candle (five inch diameter) is honestly nothing special. Although with a little love, it can be a perfect accessory for every season.  It has been through two Halloweens, two Christmas and summer, spring, winter and of course... FALL!  Last year I put it into a hurricane glass and filled it with candy corns, it was super cute.  I'll try to find the pictures.  

This year I decided to do some fall leaves. 
I bought little leaf gems at Michaels for a buck a box and they come with little sticker backs. I just created swirly designs on the sides.  I think I'll do an additional two candles for a cute center piece for my dining room table. 

Blank Canvas 

The Leaves



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