Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Strapless - Backless

I love love LOVE backless dresses and shirts.  I just recently bought this little number from Express for my firm dinner party. 

 Long story short, I couldn't wear a normal bra and I wasn't about to let the ladies hang free. (He he he).  So I stumbled upon this little gem at Target.  

Basically it has sticky sides that peel of and attach to your ribs.

The support is decent, better than the jelly bra thing that attaches right to your tatas.  (P.S. that jelly mold hurts when you pull it off, been there... done that)

This bra doesn't hurt when the sides peel off.  It doesn't fall off.  The first time I wore it for about four hours the second time I wore it for over six hours and I was constantly picking up my three year old niece. The stickiness did not change from the first time on to the second time on.  Which, quite honestly, I was surprised.  Overall I highly recommend this backless strapless bra. It costs about $20 at Target and I for one am VERY pleased with this product!  (Only drawback, I can't find it in black at Target and I sorta want to have two of them...) 

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